• Building Process

    • Stage One: Lot Selection and Design

    • Initial vision or concept meeting: 

      This is the meeting where we discuss what you're looking for in your new home. We'll discuss design ideas (you're encouraged to bring photos, magazines or drawings), and go over the budget. If needed we can speak to your lender about financing options. 

      Lot Selection:

      During this phase, we meet at your lot or work with you to locate the perfect lot using one of our excellent Realtors. Once the lot is selected we'll work with you on how you visualize the homes position on the lot. Some things to consider are Sunrise, Sunset, possible views, topography, easements, and setbacks. Owners are encouraged to bring their survey and if possible the restrictions for the lot.  

      Planning, and Design Stage: 

      We’ll take the information gathered from the lot selection, an initial meeting, and have our designer begin working on your custom floor plan or modifying one of ours. During this stage, we'll need to get a professional services agreement signed (Deposit). You will need to have a couple of meetings with the designer to make any revisions needed. The designer will get a preliminary house plan for us to get the price quotes from the trades. The preliminary plan will include the site plan, interior and exterior elevations, electrical, and floor plans. 

      Design Finishings: 

      Once we have the plans we’ll need to know how you want to finish out the home. You can meet with an interior designer or design yourself. We have a showroom in Canyon Lake, or you can bring in samples of what your finishings are. Examples of finishing selections are Appliances, Cabinets, Countertops, Exterior Lighting, Flooring, Interior Lighting, Plumbing fixtures, Walls (Backsplashes, wall tile, shiplap, etc.) 

      Price Quote:

      During this meeting, we’ll discuss the cost to build your home, and provide an estimate to build based on your design and finishing selections.


      When you're ready; we’ll get the contract signed, take an initial Deposit as a contract deposit. Once signed will deliver your home 6-12 months from the contract signing as long as we don’t have delays in weather, changes in designs and finishing.    

    • Stage Two: Construction

    • Construction Loan/Financing:

      We’ll work with your lender or recommend one in obtaining your construction loan. The bank will provide a schedule for draws and decide how funds are distributed throughout the building process. 

      Pre Construction and Lot Clearing: 

      During this meeting, the construction loan will have been closed, and we’ll meet on site to stake out the foundation and determine what trees need to be removed or preserved. Once this meeting concludes we’ll begin clearing it for the start of construction. 

      Construction and Communication: 

      During this stage, we’ll have a groundbreaking, and begin construction by pouring the slab and starting the framing. Throughout the process, we’ll be in communication with you making sure that the home is being built according to your plan. After Framing is complete We’ll have a meeting before the drywall is installed to make sure electrical outlets, low voltage, and other items are in the correct location. After this meeting, the drywall, cabinets, and painting are done, and we begin to finish the construction of the residence. Throughout the process, we have an impartial 3rd party inspector come out to check things like your foundation, framing, and other trades, as well as inspection prior to your moving in. 

    • Stage Three: Moving in and Warranties

    • Move-In:

      It's the day we've all been waiting for, and we're so excited to share in your experience.  


      It is our top priority that we provide a luxury home of superior quality and lasting value, built around excellent customer care and inspired design. We provide a 1-2-10 Warranty. The one-year warranty provides surety coverage and backs the builder’s warranty on defects in workmanship and materials. Covered components of a home that do not meet established Performance Standards during the first year will be repaired, replaced, or paid for under warranty.